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Internet satellite access:

  The network has a star configuration.

  The antenna has a diameter of 96 or 120 cm, according to the satellite signal strength in the area. Thus, the installation is veru easy and only lightweight basements are necessary. See picture 1 2 3.

  Radio frequency transmission power is 2W.

  HUB-remote channel's availability is 99,9% per year, at BER of 10e-11.

   Remote-HUB channel's availability is 99,9% per year, at BER of 10e-6.

  The satellite modem has a Ethernet 10/100Base-T RJ45 connector interface.

  Supported protocols:

      � Internet Protocol (IP v4)
      � Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
      � User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
      � Routing Information Protocol (RIP v1 and v2)
      � Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
      � Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
      � Telnet Daemon
      � File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
      � Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP v1 and v2)
      � Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)
      � Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP v1)

  According to the type of service agreed by contract, the LAN can be provided with public or private IP addresses.


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